Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Did Eagles Lay Eggs? Update On Nest Activity

We received these emails and above pictures, taken in 2008, after our post titled "Eagle Nest At Talaris Filled With Activity" on March 20th.

One nearby resident wrote:
I think we have "egg-nition".
I'm pretty sure that the female laid early last week.  Thursday was the first day I could observe all day, and since then one of the adults has constantly been on the nest; I've seen the parents trade places several times. 
Thee pictures are from 2008, and show the male bringing the pregnant female "carry-out", probably a coot.

Another resident on Surber Drive wrote:

We have been actively recording the eagle activity since before the first pair built the nest.  They started roosting in the area the summer before they built the nest.  Historically they have laid their eggs the last week of March every year, so we are on watch now.
The "intruder" bird seen the other day was likely a chick from the previous year.  I saw it the other day near the occupied nest whistling for food.   
The second adult, presumably the male, was near by and ignoring the pleading.  If it had been a stranger there would have been a fight, which we have seen in the past.   
The male bird is the nest "owner", this time of year he brings food offerings to the lady, who dines in,  to win her favors.   Once the eggs are laid, takes several days, the pair trade off keeping things warm.

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