Friday, February 13, 2015

Driver Of White Flatbed Truck Hits BMW Across From Laurelhurst Elementary School Then Leaves Scene

Yesterday morning about 9:30am, a white truck with a wide flat-bed, hit a grey BMW parked on the southwest corner of NE 45th Street and 46th Avenue NE near the stop sign.

As kids, parents and staff were going into school many heard the loud bang of the impact which tore a portion of the bumper off and dented the side of the BMW.

The driver apparently left a note with an incomplete phone number seen by a passer-by.  But when the owner of the damaged vehicle went to retrieve it, the note had disappeared.

A security patrol student was able to get the first three letters of the license plate "C15" as it turned westbound onto NE 45th Street.

A witness to the accident said:
The driver was in his late 30s or early 50's, about 6'2" and wearing a white zip up top with Seattle Seahawks on it.   There were no logos on the vehicle, but you could tell it wasn't a rental. It was white, dirty and not old and seemed in good shape overall.The only thing in the flat-bed were some yellow tie-down straps.  
The driver was going south and a car pulled in heading north and he was trying to slide by as you might imagine as cars wait for one to go by and then move forward. I think he should have just kept going straight and not try to move over to be nice. 
I offered him paper, but he had a pad out already and said he was leaving a note. I didn’t write his number down or take a picture. I feel bad about  that. He did leave a note as I saw it on the dash. I spoke to the head-teacher about it as I headed into the school 
This is costing a teacher at least $300 deductible to fix.
If anyone has information on the truck or driver, please email or call Laurelhurst Elementary School at 206-252-5400.

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