Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Talaris Property Use Still Not Decided

Talaris Campus (courtesy of Talaris website)

This information was published in the most recent Laurelhurst Community Club newsletter:

Talaris Property Use Still Up in the Air

The Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board (under the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods), met October 1 and heard two requests from the owners of the Talaris/Battelle property. One was to remove two trees declared dead by an approved arborist. The request was approved. The second was for a six-month extension to develop a plan under the “Controls and Incentives,” the legal mechanism for an owner of an historically designated property to devise an acceptable plan for preservation and potential development for the owner’s economic benefit. This was granted.

Jeannie Hale, Colleen McAleer, and counsel, Peter Eglick, attended for LCC. LCC requested information about the potential proposal in advance, but it was not provided. The owners stated that they were working with the staff members of the Landmark Board on a plan for a potential planned residential community. They have hired the renowned architect team of Susan Jones and Bill Bain to develop a concept. LCC initially proposed this concept, but Talaris rejected it as it would not yield the economic return sought by the owner.

LCC expressed a hopeful message to the Seattle Landmarks Board that this approach may be a positive solution, but without details or conceptual drawings could not offer further comment. LCC will pursue channels to access additional information and expressed willingness to work for a context-sensitive solution for all stakeholders.

LCC continues to file public record requests regarding Talaris with DPD, the City Attorney’s office, and the Landmarks Board. On September 2, Judge Spearman granted an additional three-month stay on the Superior Court action by Talaris to invalidate the historic designation of the site and buildings.

Although LCC has been granted intervener status, LCC did not receive notice or an opportunity to reply as the Talaris attorneys told the court that LCC’s attorney was in Europe (he wasn’t). LCC filed documents to correct the record.
Thank you to the many neighbors who have sent comments on their use of the Battelle/Talaris property over the years and their views on the illegal fencing.  

Go here for more in-depth information about the re-development, history and other related information about Talaris.

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