Monday, December 8, 2014

Special Neighborhood Focused Crime Meeting Tonight As Well As Update On Possible Portables At Laurelhurst Elementary

Picture from resident's security camera
of robber carrying alleged assault rifle

The Laurelhurst Community Club would like to remind the neighborhood about the special meeting tonight  starting at 6:45pm at the Community Center, to learn more about two issues:
  • escalating neighborhood crime and concerns
  • portable plans for Laurelhurst Elementary School

The first topic on crime prevention will start at 7pm with the following Seattle Police representatives and one Children's Hospital security member:  
  • Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole
  • North Precinct Lieutenant James Arata
  • Captain David Emmerick
  • Community Police Team Sergeant Diane Newsom
  • Officer Kip Strong
  • Chris Patin, Children’s Hospital Security Services

Neighbors will have this important opportunity to raise concerns directly with Seattle Police Department, hear about their plans to address them and pose questions. 

Property crime has risen in Laurelhurst, most notably 5 homes were broken into on Halloween evening near Laurelhurst Elementary School. The burglar was caught on a home video carrying an assault rifle while breaking into one home .  

The Laurelhurst Community Club said that Laurelhurst residents are very concerned about the lack of resources from the Seattle Police Department targeted to address the continued escalation of  burglaries and other crime.

A group of concerned neighborhood residents put together these questions to ask tonight:
  • What trends in what type of property crimes are occurring?
  • What are the origins and long term solutions of such property crimes?
  • Which tools and techniques have been most effective in both deterring crimes, and prosecuting the perpetrators?
  • Is there a drug connection to these crimes?
  • Are they local criminals?
  • Has the Police Department noticed assault weapons being used more often in property crimes?
  • What can neighborhoods do to best deter property crime?
  • Any thoughts on the Laurelhurst Security Patrol?
  • Will monies allocated to personal cameras on the Police help them or hinder their efforts?
  • What would you suggest for more effective resources?
At 8:20pm two members from the Laurelhurst Elementary School PTA will present information on the District's plans to add up to four portables on the north and south playgrounds. 

Applications are due December 17th for those interested in serving on the City's School Design Departure Advisory Committee, managed by the Department of Neighborhoods (DON), who will attend several meetings then advise the City on their decision.

Seattle Public Schools (SPS) is requesting a zoning departure that, if approved, would permanently increase building lot coverage to up to 45%, significantly above the current limit of 35%. This would allow the addition of up to four new portables, resulting in significant loss of playground space at the school.

More in-depth information can be found here.


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