Friday, September 5, 2014

Beware Of Same Erratic Man Turning On Resident's Water And Walking Away

We recently posted about an erratic man seen in Laurelhurst and other nearby neighborhoods scaring adults and children alike with his unusual behavior including yelling at people rudely, screaming obscenities, banging on car windows while people are stopped at lights, making inappropriate comments in front of children and much more.

A resident took a photo of this person yesterday near Metropolitan Market after he harassed and scared the person while she was getting in her car.

Recently it appears the same person has been turning on water faucets in front of homes full force and walking away, leaving some houses with the potential of flooding if the residents are gone all day.

Here are some comments recently posted on NE Seattle Moms Yahoo Group:

Thank goodness I was home this morning - someone (I'm guessing this man) unscrewed all our soaker hoses and turned the water on full blast at around 7:45. If I hadn't been home and heard the water turn on, it would have flooded our front yard. I live on NE 57th St. and 40th Ave. I really wish this guy would get out of our neighborhoods.
On Wednesday, September 3, my husband just saw a man fitting this description in Laurelhurst walking down 42nd Ave NE towards Surber Drive (perhaps to the Belvoir Place public beach park) at 12:10pm today.  He started walking towards my husband and daughter as they were getting out of the car but my husband (who was aware of the issues/description thanks to this Yahoo Group) quickly took our daughter up to the house and the guy continued walking without following/confronting them. 
There is someone matching a similar description who has been turning on water faucets at people's houses in Bryant/Ravenna/View Ridge so be on the lookout for that and report the activity. 
My neighbors also found their outside water faucets running recently and they are now suspicious it was the same person in Bryant. 
On our walk home yesterday we passed a house on NE 53rd and 27th Ave NE with their outside faucet running, nobody was home and my wife turned it off. We also passed another house on 28th Ave NE and NE 60th with the hose spraying water. We talked to the owner who said they hadn't turned on that water for a long time.  Lastly, watch your faucets and do call the police if you see anything odd, or especially if you encounter the person who fits the description above. It's not known who is turning on water spigots but I'm a bit suspicious it's the same person who is yelling at people. If I see this person, I'm going to call the officer in charge of our area, or if it's harassment or trespass/vandalism, I'm call 911- he needs and evaluation. 
Last week, a neighbor on the next block in Bryant, has had their water faucet by their front door turned on and left on 3 times - first in early in the morning (perhaps left on overnight), again in the early evening, and today the neighbor heard someone come up to the house around 2:30pm and turn the faucet on and walk away. The neighbor was able to take this picture before the man was out of sight.

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laura cohan said...

This man turned on my faucet on 9/3 at 4am. I heard the water running and saw him. He was "bathing" or drinking from it. The paper delivery scared him away but he left the faucet running.