Friday, September 5, 2014

All Books Disappear From Little Outdoor Library On NE 41st Street

The Laurelhurst Blog Staff received this email;
On Monday, September 1, I discovered that all of the books in my little outdoor “library,” in the 4800 block of NE 41st Street, had somehow disappeared.  I do hope that whoever took them loves the Winnie the Pooh ones as much as I do, and the Ian McEwen is a goodie too.  Oh, and “The Joy Luck Club” – you’ll really enjoy that one.   
All 12 books (or however many there were) make a varied reading experience, and I am glad you are expanding your interest in reading! Now you owe me 12 favorites – thanks in advance. 
I am presuming it was kids on a lark, meaning no harm.   I think this might be a talking issue for families, about respect, etc. 


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