Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Donate Extra Fruit From Your Trees


City Fruit, a Seattle non-profit which harvests surplus fruit from neighborhood trees and donates it to nearby food banks, meal programs, and shelters, is looking for donations.
City Fruit has harvested and donated over 55,000 pounds of fruit over the last five years that would  have been wasted.

City Fruit also tries to benefit the neighborhood in which the fruit is harvested. In  the NE Seattle area, food was donated to the University District Food Bank and other locations. 
City Fruit's website says: 

Figure out how to get all that good, juicy fruit from the tree in to your hands -- either on your own or with a little help. And what you do with that fruit is up to you. We suggest eating some yourself and giving some away. We rely on the generosity of neighbors to take advantage of this incredible supply of local, fresh fruit. 
They have a whole page on their site called
"Share Your Fruit" and on it list about 75 locations where you can drop off your extra fruit. Locations that directly accept fruit in this area are Ronald Mc Donald House near Metropolitan Market on 40th Ave NE, Sandpoint Housing and Santos Place at Magnuson Park and a few places in the University District.

City Fruit says:

Before delivering fruit to any of the organizations below, please call and confirm that they can use the type and quantity/quality of fruit you have, and when they can receive your delivery.
Please don’t leave fruit without making sure the organization can use it.

Here are some tips on packing and delivering the fruit.

For more information go here.
(photo courtesy of City Fruit website)

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