Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Strange Person Reported Near Center For Urban Horticulture

We received this email:

I wanted to relay this experience in case you had heard anything similar and thought we should call the police.
We were on a walk Thursday evening through the Center for Urban Horticulture property toward the UW and on our return a man and two dogs came up behind us talking loudly, using inappropriate language and rambling.  There was another woman who joined us about this point saying the man had threatened her. 
The man continued yelling obscenities and when we got to the parking lot he continued to approach us so we offered to give the woman a ride home, which we did. 
She said he told her his name was something Diamond.   I kind of remember her saying Neil so it may have not been his name.  It was scary and the man looked very angry and threatening. I won't be walking around there again by myself.

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John Vidale said...

I've ridden my bike through there to and from work at the UW daily for the past two years. Only once, about a month ago, have I seen someone alarming on the trail. The fellow last month, who was hiking out around 8am, had the appearance, wet pants and disheveled appearance, of of being homeless and having slept somewhere in the swamp.

I hope no one is settling in there.