Monday, November 18, 2013

Long-Time Eagle Family Back Again For Nest Building At Talaris

Baby eagles taken in July 

A neighbor let us know that the famous eagles who always nest in the same tree just off of NE 41st Street on the Talaris property returned recently and are nest building.

They are the same tree and eagle family that was protected by neighbors earlier this year.  The same nest has been active each year for a long time, the neighbor told us.

He writes:

Lots of sticks and nesting materials are being brought in by both parents. The large juvenile was here a couple of weeks ago, but stayed only a few days and, finding no one else home, left. I have not seen it since. The adults are being harassed somewhat by a smaller hawk.
It's lots of fun to watch, especially now that the leaves are falling off and visibility is better. I have tried to take a picture but the eagles move fast!

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