Wednesday, May 7, 2014

About The Orange Tabby Cat Hanging Around The Streets Near The Elementary School For Last Week Or So

We've received several emails asking about the orange tabby cat that has been seen roaming around the vicinity of Laurelhurst Elementary School and even inside the school. Residents on 46th, 47th and 48th Avenues NE have reported seeing him and some even letting the very friendly cat in their home.

Neighbors thought it could be Topaz, a similar looking cat with no collar, that is often seen roaming the streets around the school for the last few years. However other neighbors thought it wasn't, as the  cat seemed smaller that the well-known Topaz. 

The puzzle was solved when the Laurelhurst Elementary School Office contacted the owners of Topaz, who lives on 47th Avenue NE on Monday, and confirmed it was indeed their cat and the same cat being let into others homes and who even went inside the school. , 

The office said "It seems that when the cat doesn’t get put indoors when the family is gone all day, it roams the neighborhood looking for company."

Another neighbor said that at least the cat never got hit by cars with all its roaming around so much and that she is happy Topaz is home now getting food and back with its owners.

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