Friday, March 21, 2014

Another Incident On NE 41st Street

Bottom of dangerous hill looking east on NE 41st Street

We received this email from Robin, who lives near NE 41st Street, also known as Suicide Hill, about another incident in that area.

This is one of many reported incidents, including accidents, fence knocked down and a dog being hit a few months ago.

Following a review in October by Jim Curtin , SDOT Traffic Safety Coordinator, several modifications and changes were recommended to ensure better safety for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. Jim also spelled out a plan for improving safety of this dangerous area of the neighborhood.

One of these recommendations was Seattle Police patrolling for speeders which will continue as neighbors have reported speeders driving in excess of 50mph down the hill. And just in January a driver was pulled over for excessive speed. 

Robin, who works on road safety with the Laurelhurst Community Club, has lived near Suicide Hill for many years witnessing accidents and near misses,  and now he is working to improve the safety in that area.

Here is the email Robin sent us:
This morning at about 11:00am I heard what sounded like one of the Blue Angels flying over head. I went outside I saw a real mess.
A large pick-up had lost it's load of pipes coming down NE 41st Street way too fast. They were all 8 inch and 12 inch PVC (plastic) pipes with at least fifteen of them strewn all over the road and both sides of the parking strips as well. 
Because the pipes were PVC many of them broke on impact so I helped the driver clear up some of the parts as it was holding up traffic. 
When I asked the driver how fast he was going he claimed he had no idea but didn't know what the speed limit was anyway. 
The area covered was from 45th Avenue NE down to 43rd Avenue NE.  

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