Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dog Struck And Killed On NE 41st Street

We received this email:

Just wanted to bring to your attention that our dog,Jacopo, was struck and killed on NE 41st street Saturday October 12th. The driver was in no way at fault as our dog bolted out into the street after we opened our front door.
We are absolutely devastated and so sad to lose a member of our family.
From this tragic event, it brought up issues of speed on our street. Many of our neighbors have small children, and are in agreement that speed bumps are necessary to slow down drivers coasting down our hill - or drivers trying to speed up it towards 48th AVE NE.
I would encourage other neighbors who are interested in slowing down traffic to fill out the following form through SDOT:

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robin chalmers said...

I have lived on NE 41st St. for over 40 years and have tried many times to get the city to install speed bumps or traffic calming always with the same response...NO Their reason is because this street is a main arterial and emergency vehicles need access.
I do believe every road leading to Villa Academy has speed bumps so what would happen if there was ever an urgent need response required there?