Friday, February 7, 2014

Yesler Swamp News And Work Party On Sunday


The Friends of Yesler Swamp is having a work party on Sunday from 10-3pm to remove invasive plants and put in native species, in partnership with UW Students, who make up the Community Engagement Committee

Friends of Yesler Swamp are partners with UW students in restoring Yesler Swamp and engaging the community in educational events.  The students are committed to working for two years to preserve, protect, and maintain Yesler Swamp.
Yesler Swamp, located in Laurelhurst, is bordered by NE 41st St. and Surber Drive, is maintained by a group of volunteerneighborss, who have been publishing many interesting new posts on the history of Yesler Swamp, including historic photos, videos, source notes and more.

They say on their website:
Yesler Swamp is an environmental treasure in the heart of a great city. Within a few yards of major streets and busy neighborhoods, it preserves rich wonders of wildlife—a beaver dam, eagles and herons, and 100 species of birds.

Carolyn Foster and Tyler Licata from the UW Community, Environment, and Planning program will lead the work party, which happens every other week at Yesler Swamp.

In other Yesler Swamp news, last month, UW students and Friends of Yesler Swamp hosted an educational event for a Laurelhurst Elementary fifth grade class.  The Fifth graders planted seeds that will grow into native shrubs, after having a seed lesson, then they had a tour of the Swamp. 
The Blog post says:

The children saw an active beaver lodge and spotted a blue heron. In a 30-second moment of silence, everyone heard a chorus of birds   Professor Kern Ewing and UW students Carolyn Foster and Tyler Licata taught the children about environmental restoration, why invasive species harm nature, and why it is important to replace blackberries with native plants. The Yesler Swamp tour guides said "We were delighted with their enthusiasm!"

Go here for more information about the student lead events and here for information on Friends of Yesler Swamp.


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