Monday, February 10, 2014

Cold Weather Tips For Burst Pipes From SPU

Seattle Public Utilities recently sent out this helpful information:

Below-freezing temperatures can burst water pipes around your home, potentially causing serious property damage and wasting large amounts of water.  
Regularly check these areas for leaks:

  • Make sure outdoor faucets aren’t dripping and if you can access the pipe that feeds the faucet, inspect it for any leaks.
  • Check sprinkler heads for leaks, and look for unusually damp sections in your garden, which may point to an underground leak.
  • Pipes in your basement, crawlspace or garage are often subjected to freezing temperatures so look for wet spots or puddles on the ground.
  • Inspect the pipes for tankless water heaters that run along the exterior of your house for leaks.
  • Check any indoor sink pipes that are against exterior walls.
For more information on preparing water pipes for winter weather, visit

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