Friday, February 21, 2014

Have You Seen This Lost Cat Last Seen 4700 Block Of 47th Avenue NE?


We received this email:

Henry, my cat, has been missing from the 4700 block of 48th Avenue NE since Friday, February 14 about 9pm.
He is a large grey/black tabby.  He is very friendly and is known to walk in people's houses, so he may be stuck in a house or garage.  Please check your basement, garage or shed.

He is not currently wearing his collar, which we have since found on our roof, but he is chipped.
I've been going door to door with flyers, and remain hopeful that he'll come home this weekend when families return from winter break and open their garages.

If you see or find him, please call or text 312-961-3307.

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justsayin said...

Just want to say my cat was gone for 7 weeks but I got him back. He got caught in a squirrel trap a few blocks from my house--hungry and skinny but okay. Because I had plastered the 'hood with flyers, the homeowner knew who to call. Just want to say 'Don't give up hope'.