Monday, December 16, 2013

Update On Injury Accident Last Week At Dangerous Intersection Near Talaris

We posted last week about an accident that happened on December 5th around 5:15pm at the bottom of the hill of  NE 41st Street and 42nd Avenue NE, just west of Talaris.

The police report states that a driver, a young woman, headed southbound on 42nd Avenue NE was cited for failing to stop at a stop sign.

She was hit in the intersection by an SUV, driven by a local resident, who was coming down the hill  westbound on NE 41st Street, who was later taken to a hospital for injuries sustained.

A witness told us that the SUV ended up almost perpendicular again a resident's curb on the hill side of 42nd Avenue NE. The other vehicle ended up around the corner in front of a neighbor's house just before the hill going up NE 41st Street.

A nearby neighbor told us that "the young woman evidently alleged that she had stopped, but the investigating officers concluded that there was no way she stopped and that to believe that statement one would have to 'disregard all laws of physics.' "

A neighbor who heard the accident, and went out to help those in the SUV commented "As you are all too aware, the safety of this intersection is exactly what those who live near there have been concerned about for many years."

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