Tuesday, December 17, 2013

November Laurelhurst Real Estate Update

Thanks to Kim Dales for providing us with this neighborhood real estate activity monthly report:

November was, well November in Laurelhurst! With holidays right around the corner there were only 3 new listings, but the good news is that 2 went pending in only 12 days.
Only one property closed in November, non-beach club, for $574,500. If you are thinking of listing your home in the spring, here are basic preparation items sooner that should be done sooner rather than later that will take the stress out of a stressful process:
  • Do your annual furnace service and make sure the company puts a sticker on your furnace.
  • Earthquake strap your water heater. This is something a home inspector will check during the inspection process.
  • Do a visual of your attic to check for rodent activity. If you don't find it the inspector will. Eliminate as necessary.
  • Place Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitors on each floor.  This is code and was effective April 2012.  These monitors will alarm if there are elevated levels of Carbon Monoxide which is colorless and odorless.


Price                                     Quantity

$1,250,000 -$1,499,999            3       (2 of these went pending in 12 days)
Total = 3
Average price = $1,374,000
Price                   Quantity             Days on Market DOM                                                                                                                                       
$450,000 -$499,999                 1                                   7
$650,000 -$699,999                  1                                 20
$1,250,000 -$1,499,999         2                                   11
$2,000,000+                            1                                   23

Total = 5
Average price $1,326,600
Average DOM = 14
Price                                   Quantity                   DOM (Days on Market)
550,000 -$599,999                   1                                            45
Total = 1
Average sales price = $574,500
Average DOM = 45 
If you have any questions regarding current real estate trends please call me at 206.235.7772 or email kodales@windermere.com. 

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