Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Neighbors Concerned About Unleashed Dogs On School Grounds, Could Be Unsanitary For Kids

A Blog Reader sent us this email:
I live near the Laurelhurst Elementary School. I regularly see people with their dogs at the North Playground, leashed and unleashed. We have "picked up" after these dogs on the playground because inattentive owners are chatting with their kids or other parents and don't see what the dog is doing. Kind of makes me wonder about how sanitary those wood chips under the playground equipment are.

Another Blog reader wrote:
It seems there are many more unleashed dogs on the School grounds in the recent years, and also at the park. We ask our fellow neighbors to please adhere to City policy regarding leashing dogs at all times. No one is exempt from this city mandated law.

It is in violation of City Code (SMC 9.25.084) to not leash dogs, except in designated off-leash areas, and it can result in a $54 fine.

Here is another recent Blog post on this important issue. 

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