Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Neighbor Concerned About Off-Leash Dogs At Park Playground Which Can Result In $54 City Fine

We received this email from a Blog reader:

Please post a reminder for dog owners that dogs, leashed or unleashed, are not permitted in the playground area of Laurelhurst Park? There seems to be a lot of dog traffic in the playground recently.
As is obvious, this is detrimental both to the small children, many of whom are scared of dogs that are often as big as they are, and to the parents, who have to worry about their children being scared or, worse, bitten.

Every dog owner seems to think that their dog will be fine. But having recently witnessed a small child having its hand torn up by a dog proclaimed to be "nice," I don't think parents and kids should have to run the risk.

It is in violation of City Code (SMC 9.25.084) to not leash dogs, except in designated off-leash areas, and it can result in a $54 fine.

Here is a list of violations and corresponding fines imposted by the City of Seattle regarding animals:

Offenses Related to Safety and Sanitation

$109 Allowing accumulation of fecesSMC 9.25.082 (A)

$54 Not removing feces from another’s propertySMC 9.25.082 (B)

$54 Not having equipment to remove fecesSMC 9.25.082 (C)

$109 Not providing treatment for a sick animal SMC 9.25.082 (D)

Offenses Related to Control

$54 Not having animal (except cats/pigeons) on leash SMC 9.25.084 (A)

$54 Permitting animal in fountain or school groundSMC 9.25.084 (B)

$54 Not confining animal “in heat” SMC 9.25.084 (C)

$109 Permitting animal to damage propertySMC 9.25.084 (D-1)

$109 Permitting animal to violate the noise ordinance SMC 9.25.084 (D-2)

$109 Permitting animal to spill garbageSMC 9.25.084 (D-3)

$109 Possessing another’s animal SMC 9.25.084 (E)

$ 54 Tethering an animal so it can enter streetSMC 9.25.084 (F)

$269 Permit an animal to biteSMC 9.25.084 (G-1)

$269 Permit an animal to menace a humanSMC 9.25.084 (G-2)

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