Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Neighbor Reports Being Accosted By Nearby Apartment Resident On Talaris Property Taking Pictures

We received this rather disturbing email:

I was exiting the property Friday night,September 19th, after dark on the north end with my daughter's dog on a leash. I was being followed by a woman who was taking pictures of me. I stopped and pulled my phone to take her picture.
After she pointed her rear end at me and made mocking gestures, I kept snapping pictures when she then came running at me swinging, yelling at me about the dog in a heavy eastern European accent, Russian state perhaps.
She was swearing and very agitated.  I warned her not to strike or touch me (she was swinging when she approached) as it would constitute an assault.
She told me she had called the Talaris property owners and that she was taking pictures of people with dogs on their property. She lives in the Laurelhurst apartment complex adjacent to the property on NE 45th Street. And she is often in a grassy area at the edge of the property with her cat.
The woman is mid-50s. gray/brown hair. 5'7' and she has a large cat she is outside with all of the time on the north edge of the property-- no leash. 

I sincerely hope that the property owners are not instructing or otherwise authorizing tenants of their (apartment) property to follow, photograph, engage, and physically threaten neighbors.   
I believe she has been in communication with the Talaris property owners/representatives and has a phone number to call.  
I would say that Talaris representatives have at least encouraged this woman to do this. She was on the phone right away after I noticed her taking my picture (as did a short, thin man in a Porsche last week).



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Anonymous said...

Hello, I would like to say that the woman in question is probably not working for Talaris, the McCaw's, or Dave Poletti & Associates (apartment management). First, Talaris is a renter on the property, it is the McCaw's that are putting up the fense. Second, the woman is always talking on her phone with family and friends and hanging out with her cats. She is mostly harmless. She is is nurse and neither the McCaw's (as far as I know) or Dave Poletti hire residents to do their dirty work, they do a good enough job of pissing off the residents just fine by themselves. I would love you to keep putting up updates and maybe even contacting the local news stations.