Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another Fence Now Up Along NW Talaris Property And More Neighbor's Thoughts Including Eagle Protection Policies

Fence along NE 41st Street
Chain fence along northwest corner of property

As we reported, a black vinyl fence was put up on Saturday along NE 41st Street bordering the Talaris campus

And now neighbors told us that yesterday morning three workers put up another fence along the northwest corner of the Talaris site bordering and including inside the fence the Laurelhurst apartments, off of NE 45th Street, near the Dentists offices. In some areas, we are told, that  the Talaris workers attached the fence to to the little posts with the loopy chains along the western edge. 

The offices in that area reported that the new fence is of a cheaper, less permanent variety, like big square chicken wire within  8 feet of their building and not allowing them much room if they need to escape a fire, and they commented that they are not very happy. 

A nearby resident said that  the "fence certainly lacks any sense of design. At least it doesn’t have barbed wire or an electrified wire it in (yet)."

Here are more neighbors comments received:
What I find interesting about all of this is that there are NO signs at any of the other entrances to Talaris.   And no other chain link fencing, just their old lovely wooden posts with the little chains scooped from post to post. 
So this is clearly a major statement being made to THIS neighborhood.  I am still seeing folks walking on through the area that don't even know that there are any signs.  It will be interesting to see who gets fined/jailed when all is said and done. unless you come at the property from just the right angle, or read the Blog, you have no idea that it's become an off limits area!  
A woman who works in the office told me that she had heard that there had been some problems with dogs running off leash and that a worker was attacked by a dog running loose.   So I guess that is the story that the staff is being told.  If that were actually the case, they would have asked for that to be posted in the Laurelhurst Blog, just as they have asked for other items to be posted, also since there are a lot of guests using the property, and then  we would all understand that kind of reaction.

On Friday, Jul 26, 2013 at 1:50 PM, Nathan Rimmer wrote to the Laurelhurst Blog Staff when we asked him about the new "No Dogs" signs:
Those signs were put there by property management several weeks ago to keep people and dogs away from the eagles. Since then two conference center staff have also been attacked by off leash dogs on other parts of the property. Fortunately both resulted only in minor injuries (knee and finger).

The Laurelhurst Blog called Seattle Animal Control and they request that complaints be filed formally as the Health Department requires that dogs be quarantined after a biting incident. 

Nathan also wrote in the same email: Further changes at the property will also be taking place in the coming weeks.
The Laurelhurst Blog responded asking Nathan what the changes would be and he never responded.

You know, I am trying find ways to feel okay about this change.  I have enjoyed walking on that property for the whole 40 years I have lived in the neighborhood.  I  feel very fortunate to have had the luxury of using it. 

This makes no sense. No employee has ever said anything -- and have only ever been very friendly and neighborly with everyone in my family for the 3 years we have lived across from this property. We see many of them on an almost daily basis-- and no one has mentioned anything about trespass or asked us not to be on the property, etc.

While I understand generally property rights and respect the owners' right to change long standing community access practice- I do not understand the tactics being employed to try to intimidate families in an outstanding and responsible community. I can't imagine that companies/groups considering renting meeting facilities or families their rooms for visiting with sick children at the hospital would be supportive of an organization that employs intimidation tactics to manage their property line.
Mr. Mc Caw - with all the money you have why do you find it in your best interests to cause pain for the residents of Laurelhurst? You are sour grapes over not being able to destroy the Talaris property. Do you not have enough money? If you are happy causing pain for others then so be it!! I can assure you that you have awakened a sleeping giant in the Laurelhurst community!

Your fence is really quiet ugly!! The residents are being urged to file complaints with the city and I do hope we can win a few battles with you.

My 4 year old grandson does not understand why he cannot go see your ducks-- I told him that the man who owns the property is very mean and will not let him visit the ducks like our family has done for 40 years. Sad!!

I was also photographed, along with other dog walkers, by the guy in the Porsche. He also took photos of the No Trespassing Signs. As Talaris also hired a round-the-clock guard in an SUV to sit on the property day and night during the fall election to protect their outrageously oversized campaign signs. I personally am being very careful about going anywhere near the property at this point. Their posted signs make it very clear that anyone who even accidentally ends up on their property is a criminal.

  • Maintain a buffer of at least 330 feet between your activities and an eagle nest, roost site, or forage area. (If you would like to use a buffer closer than 330 feet and a similar activity is already closer than 330 feet, go to Step 3.)
  • Restrict all clearing, external construction, and landscaping activities within 660 feet of the nest to outside the nesting season (August 16 – December 31)
  • Maintain established landscape buffers that screen the activity from the nest

  • To contact the Redmond, WA Office of Law Enforcement for the US Fish and Wildlife Services to let them know of a possible violation go here or call 425-883-8122.
    Sign along NE 41st Street

     Close-up of fence on northwest property border


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    It's quite easy to jump over the fence. There are no signs saying that it is prohibited to do that.