Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Recent House Break-Ins on 42nd And 43 Avenues NE

A neighbor sent us this information about two recent house break-ins:
Last Saturday morning, July 27th, around 4am, three young white males tried to break into the lower level of my house, on the 4100 block of 42nd Avenue NE, through an open window in sight of my sleeping guest. As they took out the screen my guest started yelling at them and they ran toward the alley. The police came and suggested a motion sensing outdoor light. The previous night, the screen had been knocked out by the cat.  
This may have been the same group who were successful on 43rd Ave NE and NE 45th Street.   The residents were burglarized during the night while sleeping in their home. The burglars came in through the garage, into the house and computers, wallets, liquor and more were taken. The said that a device which opened the garage was used.

Please be aware and lock all doors, windows and cars at night.

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