Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reader Reports Suspicious Car Between East And West Laurel Drive

A reader sent us this email:

On Friday, June 27th, I saw a car pulling out of the alley between West and East Laurel about 5:50am that just didn't seem to fit the area. The car turned down the hill toward East Laurel which is kind of unusual from that road as at that time of the morning most cars are heading out of the neighborhood.

I u-turned to see where the car was going and it took a right onto 53rd (again a unusual way to leave the neighborhood) and was parked in the middle of the road when I drove past. It was a pretty beat up maroon Camry or Maxima. I then saw the car drive past me up 45th toward UW and got a good look at the guy. Just really didn't seem to have any purpose in the area and where the car drove seemed out of the ordinary. 

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