Monday, July 15, 2013

Playground At Laurelhust Park Now Open


Wendy Kelley, volunteer coordinator for the remodel of the Laurelhurst Park playground along with a committee called, "Play it Safe at Laurelhurst Park," let us know that the playground is now open. 

She writes:
Yippee -  the fence has come down and the new Laurelhurst Park Playground is open! Come on down and enjoy! 
There is still one piece of equipment,the Squak, that isn't open, but will be done this week. The Squak is the replica of the first ferry that went across Lake Washington (before 520 was built). It's a custom piece so we're the only park that will have this unique play structure for all ages.

For photos and more information about the remodel, visit the Parks website. or the Play It Safe Facebook page.

Laurelhurst Park Playground Renovation

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