Thursday, March 28, 2013

Park Playground to Be Closed Till End Of June For Renovation

Photo: Here's some renderings of the new large play structure.
Wendy Kelley, a community volunteer, who is overseeing the renovation of the playground at Laurelhurst Park, let us know that as early as Monday, construction will begin on the final stages of the renovation of the playground, which will be completed in about eleven weeks, right around the time Laurelhurst Elementary School is out for summer break. 

Wendy and her Play it Safe Committee of neighbors, was formed in 2008 and brought about new play equipment specifically for 2-5 year olds in the playground. At that time they found out that most of the other playground equipment was over 20 years old and needed to be replaced. So the Committee has continued its work to renovate the playground to bring it up to safety standards.

Wendy wrote about the renovation and new features:

The entire play area will be fenced off and will not be accessibe during the construction.The work will include moving a couple of the smaller pieces of equipment, removal of the large play structure, the climbing web, and the tire swing.   
Thanks to funding from the Parks and Greenspaces Levy, financial support from the neighborhood, and a matching grant from the Department of Neighborhoods, new equipment will be put in its place that includes: a new tire swing, a new large play structure with multiple slides and climbing areas, and a replica of the Squak, which was the original ferry that transported neighbors across Lake Washington.   
In addition to new play equipment, additional plantings, casual seating areas and a path will be added around the play area. 

For photos and more information about the new equipment, please visit the lobby of the Laurelhurst Community Center during open hours or visit the Parks website., the Play It Safe Facebook page, Wendy at or Virginia Hassinger, Project Manager, Seattle Parks, at

Laurelhurst Park Playground Renovation

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Kristy Petersen said...

Thank you so much Wendy for all of your hard work in making Laurelhurst playground a wonderful place for the kids in our community to play!