Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mayor, Council Approve Process To Site and Build New North Precinct Police Station

North Precinct

current North Precinct Station
The search is underway to find a new site to build a new North Precinct Police Station, which currently is housed in a building (10049 College Way North) erected in 1984 to hold only 154 staff members and now has 254.

The North Precinct Station serves Laurelhurst, among many other north and northeast neighborhoods.
The Mayor has said there is not enough space available to adequately expand it on its current site.  In September 2012, as part of the budgeting process, Mayor McGinn approved planning to proceed in acquiring land for a new station by the end of this year. 
The City Council accepted the Mayor's proposal and accelerated the schedule by moving approximately $18.3 milllion from 2014 to 2013 to support activities related to planning and site acquisition.

Work is now under way to find and purchase a site for a new station, as well as assemble an architecture and engineering team so building pre-design can begin this year, instead of waiting for purchase of an actual site.
The new site will include 
  • a 60,000+ square feet  with a life of 30 to 50 years that will accommodate up to 370 officers and civilian staff
  • capability of withstanding an earthquake load higher than most buildings
  •  community meeting space that also can be used as an operations center in case of a disaster
  • a location that offers good access to I-5, north-south and east-west arterials, proximity to areas of high police activity, and quality radio reception

When the time comes, the City will decide what to do with the old station through its normal property disposition process

For more information, go here.

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