Thursday, June 6, 2013

Laurelhurst Resident Having Art Show Saturday At Her In-Home Studio

Studio Sale 2013.jpg
work by Sherri Westergreen

Sherri Westergreen, a longtime Laurelhurst resident, who has been a contemporary, visual and abstract artist for over 20 years, painting, is having an art show on Saturday from 11-5pm at 4721 47th Avenue NE.

Sheryl works out of her home and her work has been used on the sets of television's The Good Wife and The Apprentice. She also has been shown is in private and corporate collections nationally, locally at the Seattle Art Museum Gallery, as well as internationally.  

Sheryl told us that "draws inspiration from her immediate surroundings as well as her experiences as a traveler."

She added:
My work explores geometric form as it applies to architecture, landscape and the human figure. I translate a memory of a place or an experience through the process of abstraction. By observation, contemplation, and repeated layering of paint, the canvas begins to reveal its particular shapes, lines and textures. The paintings are an exploration of color and geometric form as well as an attempt to suggest a feeling or nuance that is not cut off from the psyche and alludes to hidden affinities and elusive qualities.

Some of the work for sale (and pictured above) will be from top, left to right:
  • Across the Lake 16"x16" oil on canvas, $300.
  • Anticipating Barcelona 24"x40" oil on canvas, $700.
  • Hearts 12"x12" oil on canvas, $200.
  • Inside a Leaf VII 12"x12" oil on board, $200.
  • Duoro Valley II 36"x36" oil on canvas, $800.
  • Bloom 30"x30" oil on board, $500.
  • Across the Lake V 24"x24" oil on canvas, $400.
  • Under the Sea I 30"x30" oil on canvas, $500.
  • Across the Lake XI 40"x24" oil on canvas, $800.
  • Under the Sea II 30"x30" oil on canvas, $500.
  • The Swimmer 22"x30" oil on canvas, $400.
  • Pandora's Box oil on paper series (framed), $200 each.
  • Bateau I 16"x16" oil on canvas (framed), $300.

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