Thursday, May 9, 2013

Small Female Chihuahua-like Dog Found Yesterday Near Katterman's

Photo: We found this little girl running near Katterman's. She's on her way to the Seattle Animal Shelter. Please call Katterman's 206-524-2211 or SAS 206-386-7387 to claim her.
Claire (Katterman's employee) pictured with the dog yesterday

We received this email from Katie who works at Kattermann's:

About 4:30pm yesterday, Claire, a Katterman's employee,  found a small female chihuahua like dog, light in color with big ears.  Claire rescued her from running into Sand Point Way and almost being hit on 47th Avenue NE right outside Katterman's.  The dog has no collar and we are seeking her owner.   
We took the to Ravenna Animal Hospital to have her scanned for a microchip, which she did not have.

After scanning her at Ravenna Animal Hospital, we took her to the Seattle Animal Shelter (206-386-7387) where she is being held until someone hopefully claims her (case# 4639).

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Anonymous said...

That's Shilah! My daughter and I are so relieved and grateful!!