Friday, May 10, 2013

"Everyday Biking" Seminar At Northeast Library On Sunday

Sound Cycling: Everyday Biking

The Northeast Branch (6801 35th Avenue NE) of the Seattle Public Library is having a special event called "Sound Cycling: Everyday Biking" on Sunday from 2-4pm.

This program is part of the 2013 Sound Cycling Series free bicycling classes throughout the month of May at many brachnes of The Seattle Public Library.

The information says:

Have fun with your family, or on your own, and get exercise at the same time! This seminar will show you how to get started biking in Seattle.

Riding is fun.   It’s practical, fast and easy. Biking gives you a chance to disconnect while riding alone or reconnect when riding with friends. Plus, there's no need to wrestle kids into car seats for a drive to the park -- everyday biking means you still go to the park, but your family has fun and gets some exercise on your way.

The Everyday Biking seminar will:

- Help you tap into practical, fun transportation
- Introduce you to the idea of everyday biking and what it means to your community
- Walk you through the equipment you need to get started
- Help you find (and expand) your traffic comfort zone and riding skills
- Provide an overview of ways to carry or ride with children of all ages, as well as tips for turning passengers into confident, able riders
- Get you off on the right pedal so you and your family can reach your own goals

Anne and Tim King are long-time Seattle bike bloggers and have recently launched a new project to help train more people in everyday cycling: RideSavvy! Anne is a League of American Cyclist certified instructor. She’s been an avid rider for more than 20 years and has bike toured in New Zealand, France, Ireland and in the Western United States.  
Tim has been riding, fixing and otherwise messing with bikes for 30+ years. He’s a certified bicycle technician and holds a master’s degree in library and information science -- think of him as your personal bike librarian. Last summer their family completed a 900+ mile, self-supported tour to San Francisco on two tandems. They expect to "complete" the coast by riding from San Francisco to Mexico early this summer.



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