Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rude Dog Walker Shoves Neighbor's Small Dog Down Stairs At Park Last Night

A Blog reader sent us this email about an incident last night at the southeast stairs of the Park:

I would like to relay the following story to the Laurelhurst Blog as I was very disturbed by what happened last night. 
A rant to the arrogant brute who was walking his 2 dogs in Laurelhurst Park Tuesday evening. He came up behind us at the stairs as my 17 year old miniature poodle with rectal cancer was slowly preparing to go down. With his foot, this man shoved my dog ( in the backend) down the steps,saying " Get moving roadblock. Is your name roadblock?"
My dog stumbled down 4 steps, then the man shoved him again with his foot. My dog began to limp as we walked home and I ended up carrying him. I can't believe someone would be so arrogant as to shove one's dog. Would he do it to a toddler standing on the stairs.

The other dog walker was obviously a neighbor because as he crossed the street, I saw him talking to neighbors.

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