Friday, November 2, 2012

Report Of Teens Egging Young Kids On Halloween Night

We received this information from a reader:

I want to let neighbors know about some teens throwing eggs at young trick-or-treaters on Halloween in front of St. Stephens at 8:30pm on Wednesday evening.  
They were in a white, Toyota Corolla with plate # 813xYxR.  
Our adult son saw the car later, still "egging" children. He tried to chase it on foot but it sped away.  
How low can you go? Little kids costumes covered with raw eggs. 

Hopefully, someone will recognize the car and tell the parents what their young drivers were up to.


Anonymous said...

Our group was also egged by the same car around 8 PM on the NE corner of the park.

Anonymous said...

Possibly a related incident: My vehicle was egged on the evening of Nov 3 on 41st St.