Monday, November 5, 2012

Readers Comments On Teens Egging Young Kids Trick Or Treating

We received several comments  after last week's post about teens egging young kids out trick or treating on Halloween night:

Our group was also egged by the same car around 8 PM on the NE corner of the park.

Possibly a related incident: My vehicle was egged on the evening of Nov 3 on 41st St.

On Halloween my 12 year old daughter and her friends were chased down the street by a truck full of teenage boys wearing scary masks. Two of the boys jumped out of the car and pursued them on foot while yelling "get them". My girls ran to a door and pounded to get help. When i went to pick them up they were in tears. These unsupervised hooligans are ruining Halloween for kids and damaging the reputation of our neighborhood. Where are their parents?

Has anyone called the police with the license number? If not, I would be happy to.

This is really sad!

There is an online source for Seattle Police Department to report small crimes (car prowls, etc) without having to call the police.

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