Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Sidewalk Completed Near Hospital and Cycletrack Planned

Sidewalk at NE 50th Street

Children's Hospital has recently completed a new sidewalk on the north side of NE 50th Street, as part of the Livable Streets Initiative included in the as part of the Major Institution Master Plan. The Intiative is a $4 million plan over the next 20 years to improve bike/pedestrian connectivity throughout Northeast Seattle.
The new sidewalk includes curb bulbs on the northwest and northeast corners of the intersection with 40th Avenue NE to shorten the long crossing. The northeast curb bulb is extended to accommodate a Metro bus stop. The improvements make the crossing safer between the hospital, Ronald McDonald House and the nearby Burke Gilman Trail.
A cycletrack is also in the works on the east side of Sand Point Way NE. It will run in front of the hospital between Penny Drive and a new traffic signal,, currently under construction, at 40th Avenue NE.
The 10-foot wide cycletrack will have separate lanes for each direction. The cycletrack and nearby sidewalk should be completed early next year, helping pedestrians and cyclists move between the two entrances to the hospital, as well as reach the Burke Gilman Trail by a ramp which will be built west of the traffic signal near the Hartmann Building.
 (graphics courtesy of Hospital website)

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