Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seattle Children Hospital's Livable Street Initiative on NEDC Agenda Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night starting at 7pm is the February Northeast District Council meeting.

Included on the agenda, will be a presentation at 8:10pm on the Children's Hospital Livable Streets Initiative.  The community is welcome to attend with comment and questions.

Through the initiative, Seattle Children's Hospital has "committed to spend nearly $4 million on transportation improvements in NE Seattle as part of the Major Institution Master Plan," the website says.

At the last SAC (Standing Advisory Committee Meeting) a few weeks ago several members of the  committee who have been working on the project gave an update on the Initiative:

•The initiative is a 20 year plan for improving bike/pedestrian connectivity throughout Northeast Seattle.

•The report compiled information on projects from six different transportation studies plus hundreds of public comments from the Livable Streets Workshop.

•The workshop, held last November, drew more than 300 participate from various NE Seattle neighborhoods

•Participants made suggestions for street, trail and sidewalk improvements, including ideas to improve transportation and connectivity in the neighborhoods. \

•Some of the projects outlined are: creating Green Streets (quiet, pedestrian/bike friendly street yet still open to vehicles), improving trail access, crossings on Sand Point Way, building sidewalks and adding crosswalks.

•The final Livable Streets report prioritizes the improvements based on SDOT criteria and workshop comments.

•There is wide support for getting the projects completed - 20 different neighborhood clubs and organizations co-sponsored the workshop event.

•The final Livable Streets Report is not yet posted electronically. Email to request a copy.

(photo courtesy of Hospital website)

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