Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Seattle Police Halloween Tips

Terri Johnson, Seattle Police North Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator, sent some helpful information on staying safe tomorrow evening:

How to Make Halloween a Real Treat

Know your route.  Don’t take short cuts through alleyways, back yards or parks.
Whose homes will you visit? Advise your parents of your plans.

Make sure an adult is going along.  If not, tell parents with whom you’ll be. Stay together w/your group and have a plan should someone get lost.

Only trick or treat at homes with front porch lights on.  NEVER enter the house or car of a stranger.

Communicate when you will be home. Carry a cell.phone and call if you will be late.

Be able to see well and be seen in the dark.  Carry a flashlight or light sticks. It makes it easier to see and shows you
where you are going. Reflective tape/material is a good idea to add to your costume. 

Drivers have a hard time seeing you at night, so cross the road carefully and stay on main streets/sidewalks. Use crosswalks, and wait for a walk signal. Never cross from between parked cars. 

Make sure costume is safe. Be careful of open flames from pumpkins and candles, as they can catch
your costume and long wigs on fire.  Make up is safer than a mask, which can make seeing difficult. Are your shoes safe and comfortable for walking?

Have your parents check out your candy when you get home before you eat any.

Tips for greeting treaters at at home:
Greet the chidlren at the door.
Remove obstacles from sidewalk, porch and steps.
Keep a light on, so treaters can see where they are walking.
Use your peep hole and look outside before opening the door.
Don’t leave your pet out in the yard on Halloween.

Pet tips:
Be mindful of pets around lit pumpkins.
Chocolate is poisonous to animals, as is tin foil or candy wrappers.

Remember you can call 9-1-1 to report suspicious or criminal activity, 24 hours a day.

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