Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Screening Of Argentian Film Tomorrow At NE Library


The Northeast Branch (6801 35th Avenue NE) of the Seattle Public Library is having a screening of the comedic Argentinian film, "The Finger" tomorrow from 5-7pm.

This movie is part of the Global Lens series, which includes 10 award-winning narrative feature films from Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Rwanda and Turkey.

Description of the movie:
After seven years of dictatorship, a remote village in Argentina formally becomes a town with the birth of its 501st inhabitant. Hidalgo, a slick and ingratiating scion, is eager for the new post of mayor. Smelling a rat, Baldomero (a beloved natural leader with a habitually tapping digit) opposes him with his own candidacy -- and soon turns up dead.  
His shopkeeper brother vows revenge, keeping Baldomero’s severed finger in a jar, initially as a remembrance, but eventually as an absurd icon of leadership that spurs the town to defy Hidalgo, crooked elections and interloping powers as the town goes its own way. Based on real events, this charming dramatic comedy pokes fun at small town ways while celebrating true democratic values. 
The Global Lens film series supports the distribution of unique and critically acclaimed cinematic works from around the world. Since its founding, the series has provided a platform for exceptional storytelling and opened a window in the diverse world in which we live. 
Now in its ninth year, Global Lens continues to attract dynamic audiences and discover extraordinary new films, building upon the unique perspectives that have come to define the Global Film Initiative’s library of films.

(picture courtesy of IMDB)

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