Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hospital Construction Activities This Week

These construction related activities are taking place at Children's Hospital:

Pedestrian and Traffic Disruptions 
Flaggers continue to guide cars and walkers along Sand Point Way,  40th Avenue NE and NE 45th Street while work continues

Street Improvement Work
Work continues along Sand Point Way between 40th Avenue NE and Penny Drive to add a new sidewalk, cycle path, and Metro stop with shelter.

Hartmann Street Frontage
At the Hartmann Building, Sellen crews have completed frontage construction. The Children’s Grounds crew will now be installing irrigation and landscaping. In the next few weeks Metro will also be installing the bus shelter. Once street trees become available later this year, Sellen will complete their installation.

40th Avenue NE and Sand Point Way Signal Project
This project will begin over the next few weeks with a lot of activity on all four corners.

Building Interior Work
Crews are onsite installing the metal stud-framed walls and gypsum wallboard that make up most of the interior partitions. They are also running duct work for the air handling units which have been installed, and running conduit for all of the power and lighting systems. Crews are also installing the fire sprinklers on all of the floors. Besides these basic systems, we have a pneumatic tube system, medical gas systems, and many low voltage wiring systems for all of the specialty equipment being installed.

Helen Lane
Near the ramp up from Sand Point Way NE there is a temporary construction fence with work proceeding around the connector road tie-in. Please be aware of this work and the Children’s Grounds crew working to landscape this area.

Building Exterior Cladding
At the site elevator, near the Giraffe entrance, exterior framing is complete and the windows are installed. Crews are now installing the metal siding and roofing.

Near-by Activities:

Installation of New Gas Line
PSE continues to replace the gas main along Sand Point Way NE. This line runs from 5 corners to 52nd. InfraSource, PSE’s subcontractor, is managing AA Asphalt who is installing pavement repairs. This work is not related to Building Hope but the new main will tie into the new line already placed in 40th Ave NE. Any questions regarding this work should be directed to Sharon Seitz at (206) 948-0971.

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