Thursday, September 27, 2012

Seattle Parks And Recreation Announces Partnership With Funnerator To Simplify Browsing And Registration Of Activities

Seattle Parks and Recreation announced a new partnership with Funnerator, a website started by Laurelhurst resident, Katie Thompson, whom we posted about in April, when her company was just getting of the ground. simplifies finding, planning and booking over 12,000 kids activities, from those around the City to those offered by Parks at the various Community Centers, through their SPARC website.
For finding and registering for Parks' activities and classes, users can still use SPARC, however Funnerator, offers a more comprehensive and easier set of tools for searching for kids classes and activities by browsing and matching by zip code, age, schedules, prices as well as real-time availability, keeping the information up to date for Parks' SPARC site as well.
By registering on Funnerator, a user need only fill out one single form  called a "Universal Registration Form," that can be used to not only register for SPARC activities, but also for other activities in Seattle which show the "Book It" button.  The one form also saves a user from clicking through several pages to complete registration. 
Katie told us that goal of Funnerator is to save parents time and let them discover all the great things their kids can do year round going on in and outside of the neighborhood, as well as give exposure to the variety of local businesses offering kids programs, and helping with enrollment. 
"We want to enable the broadest access to these programs as possible and help parents find these things wherever they can without having to rely upon the word of mouth that may or may not be practical for a parent," Katie added.

Cara, Recreation Coordinator at Laurelhurst Community Center, told us:  "Funnerator is working with Seattle Parks and Recreation to assist with marketing our Community Center recreation program opportunities. With our limited staffing resources we believe our partnership with Funnerator will help with increasing program participation. Our goal is convenient registration and increased participation."
Christopher Williams, Acting Seattle Parks and Recreation Superintendent said in his Press Release, “This  innovative new tool will help parents sort information about our classes in a way that previously had not been possible. It improves customer experience and promotes our programs.”

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