Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Laurelhurst Mom Launches Business For Easier Summer Camp Planning

Laurelhurst mom, Katie Thompson, recently launched a new business, called FUNnerator, whic is a service to help parents and caregivers, as well as camps, connect with one another to find a good match according to specific needs and desired experience.   

Katie says "We help parents find each other, plan together, compare notes, and connect up directly with the camps and activities that make for a happy camper."

Kaite told us that business idea came out of her own extreme pain point as a working mom of young kidds and the juggle with keeping on top of all of their activities, options, coordination, etc.  All of the work that goes into finding, scheduling, coordinating, and signing up for the multitude of camp and activity options for kids throughout the year can be daunting – we have struggled with it ourselves, as have many many friends."

The service enables parents and caregivers to sign up for free and use the tools to search through thousands of camps and activities based upon specific needs and criteria and connect with them from one site, create lists of interests for campers, share thoughts and opinions on camps and coordinate camps and activities with friends.  

"We put all of the information in one place at your fingertips. No more big manila folders of brochures or endless email threads with friends. And we make it super simple for you to get right in touch with the camp," Katie told us.

Katie's partners are other tech-savvy and experienced entrepreneurs who are also parents with the "very same pain point".

Katie hopes to include any and all activities happening up at the Community Center, as well as classes and camps that individuals offer, such as children's classes that neighborhood parents offer.

For more information go here.  You can also visit their Facebook page or Twitter site.

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