Monday, July 23, 2012

Large Group Of Parent Volunteers Install New Addition At Laurelhurst Elementary's North Playground

Parent volunteers at work on Saturday

Thanks to the nineteen parent volunteers who worked for 5 hours on Saturday installing a new ADA compliant addition to the north playground as part of the North Playground renovation going on this summer.  Also installed last week was an ADA ramp and ADA chips have been delivered to be put down.   

Catty, with the Laurelhurst Elementary School Playground Renovation Committee, told us that the playground will also receive a new asphalt surface as well as lines on the entire grounds sometime in early August.

Catty told us in a previous post that "We are fortunate to have received a Department of Neighborhoods Matching Funds Grant to help us with our project."  Seattle Children’s Hospital made a donation of $5,000 to the renovation.

Fundraising for the north playground has been ongoing for several years, with previous ice-cream fundraisers, a golf tournament last fall and the year before, both at the Sand Point Country Club, and a gear sale held last spring.

The south playground renovation was completed 2 years ago and has been enjoyed not only by students, but also by the community with its new equipment and re-surfacing.

North playground currently under renovation

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