Friday, June 22, 2012

Car Break-In On Nicklas Place NE And Ivanhoe Place NE

There have been two more recent car break-ins.
This first email is regarding a car prowl on Nicklas Place NE:
We would like to report that two of our cars were broken into we believe on Tuesday evening  on the 5000 block of Nicklas Place NE. 
Both cars were locked, and neither car alarm went off. We did hear some noise that night outside our home, sounded like a group of teenagers out late, but thought nothing of it until now.
I noticed when getting into my car on Wednesday that the glove box was open, but nothing missing.  And in the other car, my husband noticed that the center console had been rummaged through and the coin drawer was missing.  We are unable to determine if other items have been taken yet. 
We have reported the incident to the SPD.  It seems like there has been an awful lot of car prowls lately, we hope that this stops soon as it can be quite disconcerting.
A reader, who lives on Ivanhoe Place NE, also sent us an email that her unlocked car had been rifled through and many "small things" were taken.

She also told us of a car break-in  on the same street yesterday morning at 3am.  The owner of the car saw a young man walking by his house, smoking a cigarette. He looked into the resident's car and tried to open the door. When the suspected car prowler said the resident he walked away and the resident got in his car to try and find him.

The resident called the police who came by and drove around. It is not known if they found the suspicious person who the resident describes a white male about 6 feet tall, wearing a long black overcoat and light pants. He has a lot of dark hair,  kind of bushy and has dark features.

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