Friday, May 11, 2012

Reader Reports Suspicious Solicitors Near The Park As Well As Suspicious Activity In The Backyard

A reader who lives near the Park sent us this email about two suspicious solicitors as well as suspicious noise in the backyard:
Like your most recent blog post, I called the police on Monday, May 7th because of two males at my door. It was 8pm and I heard pounding on my front door. I saw one of the two boys (late-teens/early twenties-both of them) through my window and said “NO thanks!”   
The guy made eye contact and said “Okay”. The other male (whom I couldn’t see) yelled “I’m your neighbor!” I stupidly opened the door to find two males, one African American and the other white at my door.   
They told me they “live on 45th with Cherise” (whoever that is!) and they were doing a project for the UW where they have to meet 100 people and asked if I could help them. I said “nope” and shut my door. I watched them NOT go to my direct neighbors home, but did see them heading towards the boulevard and possibly went to another home. 
Wednesday evening, May 9th, a much stranger event occurred around 10pm.   I heard a scraping noise on my patio and thought something or someone was dragging my garbage cans. I jumped up and my phone hit the floor and made a noise (which I’m thinking scared them off). My room is directly over the patio and the only room with a light on at this time (except for my outdoor lights). 
I saw the umbrella from my backyard table (still open-about 6-8 feet wide) sitting on my patio…a good 10+ feet from the table it was pulled from. Without any wind, I ran through the house looking and didn’t see anyone.   
I called 9-1-1 who responded right away. When I went outside, the table it was pulled from was over-turned and there was no doubt that only a human could have been in my yard dragging my patio furniture around.

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