Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two Car Accident On East Side Of Laurelhurst Park Yesterday

Yesterday around 2:15pm there was a two car collision  at NE 44th Street and 48th Avenue NE.

A reader gave us this account along with pictures:
A young girl was turning left onto 48th Avenue NE from NE 44th.  There is a yield sign at that corner.  Another car was driving on 48th towards NE 45th. 

Visibility is poor from the NE 44th corner.  The girl said she didn’t see the other driver coming.  It could be that he was going too fast or maybe she didn’t yield. 

Police were on the scene and tow trucks arrived.  The first tow truck driver swept up the glass on the street.

It was extremely fortunately that the girl was not seriously injured.  Her side airbag deployed.  She knew instinctively to bend her head and tuck—something I never knew.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article. The area around the park is always a dangerous corridor. I never thought I would be the "grown up" that got out of my car at stop signs to scold young (and every age!) drivers, but yes I have become THAT person. With school starting again, we are all feeling hurried to get to school on time, fit our work into our children's schedule, etc. To all readers, we need to remember to slow down and have this conversation with our family members!