Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Concerned Reader About Un-leashed Dogs In Laurelhurs​t Park

We have posted several times about various readers concerned about dog owners who don't keep their dogs on leashes at the Park.

It is in violation of  City Code (SMC 9.25.084) to not leash dogs, except in designated off-leash areas, and it can result in a $54 fine.

Here is  post we did in January of this year and another in July.

And here is the reader's email we received last night:
I had a scary incident with an unleashed dog this evening around 6:00 at Laurelhurst Park.  This seems to be a continuing problem with people letting their dogs off leash in Laurelhurst Park.  I really don't understand why dog owners can not follow the law and keep their animals on a leash while at the park.  Many times people let their dogs go free to chase balls. 

This evening, while I was having a peaceful walk with my dog on her leash, a person let their dog off the leash to chase a ball, and the dog immediately ran across the grass snarling and biting at my dog.  The dog was small but looked quite vicious to me.   I had to try to keep my dog out of the attacking dogs jaws, while I was spinning around to fend off the attack.  I have poor balance, and I could have easily fallen down.  The person came over, controlled the dog, and reluctantly said they were sorry; however, my walk was ruined and my heart was racing for quite a while after the incident.

The person had a small child with them.  The leash law protects walkers with and without dogs and people of all ages especially children.  I also find it hard to believe how a parent could teach a child about following the law when they themselves break the law.

Luckily my dog and I were not injured, however, I would have held this person liable for any vet and doctor bills if injuring had occurred.  If a person needs to exercise their dog, the off-leash park at Magnuson is very close; or they should use their own back yard.  Everyone should have the right to a peaceful walk through the park.  I wish I could have given this person a ticket!


A kid from Lurlhurst said...

While in PE off leash dogs are everywhere and while we are running sprints on the field, owners do little to keep their dogs away from us.

They should have a police officer stay there for a day, and the city will make a lot of $$$.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the "kid from Laurelhurst". There should be random visits to the park from a police officer. I, too, have had off leash dogs charge after my leashed dog. Not only am I afraid of an attack to my dog but to me as well and for any child that may be in the park.