Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reminder From Reader To Leash Dogs When Out On Walks

We received an email from a reader who said that she often encounters unleashed dogs when she is out with hers and would like to ask that neighbors remember to keep their dogs on leashes while out taking walks.

Here is what she said:
There are several people that walk their black labs off leash at night, which besides being a safety risk for the dog itself, is illegal and quite honestly scares me every time I run into them (which is every night). I have suggested to the owners of these dogs that a leash is a great way to keep their dog and mine safe, but it really just falls on deaf ears.

I was even driving behind a police officer through the neighborhood and watched as he stopped a woman that was walking her dogs off-leash and told her to leash the dogs because she was breaking the law. The next day, she was once again walking the dogs, unleashed!

There are small children out playing that might be afraid of these big dogs that seem to just meander around the block peeing and marking everywhere - or what if one of them got hit by a car as it wanders into the street?

I don't know if it is possible to post something on this blog just reminding folks to be considerate of all dog owners and please leash and have control of your dogs, especially if they are large. It is not fair to the rest of us who are following the law and just trying to enjoy a peaceful walk with our terrors.

And here is a list of violations and corresponding fines imposted by the City of Seattle regarding animals:

Offenses Related to Safety and Sanitation

$109 Allowing accumulation of fecesSMC 9.25.082 (A)

$54  Not removing feces from another’s propertySMC 9.25.082 (B)

$54  Not having equipment to remove fecesSMC 9.25.082 (C)

$109  Not providing treatment for a sick animal SMC 9.25.082 (D)

Offenses Related to Control

$54  Not having animal (except cats/pigeons) on leash SMC 9.25.084 (A)

$54  Permitting animal in fountain or school groundSMC 9.25.084 (B)

$54  Not confining animal “in heat” SMC 9.25.084 (C)

$109  Permitting animal to damage propertySMC 9.25.084 (D-1)

$109  Permitting animal to violate the noise ordinance SMC 9.25.084 (D-2)

$109  Permitting animal to spill garbageSMC 9.25.084 (D-3)

$109  Possessing another’s animal SMC 9.25.084 (E)

$ 54   Tethering an animal so it can enter streetSMC 9.25.084 (F)

$269  Permit an animal to biteSMC 9.25.084 (G-1)

$269  Permit an animal to menace a humanSMC 9.25.084 (G-2)

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Anonymous said...

Hear hear! This is an incessant problem for my wife and I- our dog does pretty well with other dogs on leash, but if they're off leash it's a real problem. I've needed to physically separate dogs a few times, and the off leash owners haven't had much more to say than some thanks with a sheepish grin. Any of these situations really could end badly- please leash your dogs!