Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reader Reminding Dog Owners To Keep Dogs On Leashes At Laurelhurst Park

We received the below email from a reader frustrated with dog owners not keeping their dogs on leashes at Laurehurst Park. 

It is in violation of  City Code (SMC 9.25.084) to not leash dogs, except in designated off-leash areas, and it can result in a $54 fine.

Dear Blogger:

I can never get over the lack of respect that dog owners in Laurelhurst show at Laurelhurst Park. The majority of dog owners I see at the Park are not using leashes on their dogs. This gets mentioned regularly in our neighborhood with no change in behavior and no enforcement. I didn't have the nerve to take a photo, but I have to mention the most ironic thing I saw on Monday at the Park's playground. There was a Grandmother with her grandson on a leash and their dog running free. What is wrong with people?

Thank you for "listening."

Here is a similar post we did just a few months ago from another reader asking also that owners keep their dogs on leashes.

And here is a list of violations and corresponding fines imposted by the City of Seattle regarding animals:

Offenses Related to Safety and Sanitation

$109 Allowing accumulation of fecesSMC 9.25.082 (A)
$54 Not removing feces from another’s propertySMC 9.25.082 (B)
$54 Not having equipment to remove fecesSMC 9.25.082 (C)
$109 Not providing treatment for a sick animal SMC 9.25.082 (D)

Offenses Related to Control

$54 Not having animal (except cats/pigeons) on leash SMC 9.25.084 (A)
$54 Permitting animal in fountain or school groundSMC 9.25.084 (B)
$54 Not confining animal “in heat” SMC 9.25.084 (C)
$109 Permitting animal to damage propertySMC 9.25.084 (D-1)
$109 Permitting animal to violate the noise ordinance SMC 9.25.084 (D-2)
$109 Permitting animal to spill garbageSMC 9.25.084 (D-3)
$109 Possessing another’s animal SMC 9.25.084 (E)
$ 54 Tethering an animal so it can enter streetSMC 9.25.084 (F)
$269 Permit an animal to biteSMC 9.25.084 (G-1)
$269 Permit an animal to menace a humanSMC 9.25.084 (G-2)

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