Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Over 1,900 "Red Light Runner" Citations Issued At Five Corners Reports SDOT

The Laurelhurst Community Club passed along some updated information to us on a recent report of the "Red Light Runner" Cameras at Five Corners, where Union Bay Place NE, Mary Gates Boulevard, NE 45th Street, 35th Avenue NE and Sand Point Way meet.

On August 1st,  SDOT reported that there have been just over 1,900 citations issued for red light violations at the Five Corners intersection. 

From mid-June through mid-July, 368 citations were issues. 

SDOT stated that there is a continued need for cameras at this location.

The intersection, which has an 'F' level of service (LOS), has three red light runner cameras set up at the sometimes very dangerous five point intersection, "Five Corners." There have been many near collisions, not only between cars, but cars and pedestrians with cars driving very fast to to get through the intersection on a red light.

The first 10 months of last year, about 4,900 citations were issued at the Five Corners cameras. And February 2010 alone had 315 citations issued.

Ninety-seven percent of those citations were about evenly divided between the east and westbound cameras - 2,234 eastbound and 2,458 westbound and 212 total from the northbound camera on Mary Gates Drive.

About 7,000 red light runner citations were issued in 2009, according to the Laurelhurst Newsletter published in April of last year.

If your car crosses the crosswalk after the light turns red, the car is photographed with a still camera and a short video. Then the Police Department reviews the photos to determine if a ticket should be mailed out to the car owner.

The owner has 18 days to pay the fine, ask for a hearing or sign an affidavit attesting that he or she was not driving. The cost for the ticket is $124.

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