Tuesday, August 23, 2011

City Conducting Survey To Possibly Change Frequency Of Garbage Pick-ups From Every Week To Every Other Week

A reader let us know that Seattle Public Utilties is currently conducting a survey, as part of their Solid Waste Management Plan, to gather customer input on plans to reduce waste and improve recycling, food and yard waste composting, and other solid waste services.

The reader is concerned that the City is considering garbage pickup every other week, rather than weekly.

Here are two of the questions:
  • Right now the City's Seattle Public Utilities picks up garbage on a weekly basis. They also pick up food and yard waste every week. Now that food scraps are allowed in the weekly yard and food waste service, the City's Seattle Public Utilities is considering changing garbage to an every other week service. If this change is made, how satisfied would you be?   
  • Would you favor or oppose a plan that forbids food waste from being placed in the garbage container? Garbage containers with food and yard waste in them would not get picked up. Seattle already has similar rules about placing garbage in the recycling container and garbage in the food and yard waste container.
There is also a question about recycling diapers and dog do.

Here is some information on the survey and the Solid Waste Management Plan.

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