Monday, July 11, 2011

Fitness Classes At Community Center Need More People Or They Will Be Cancelled

One of our readers sent us email that some long time Laurelhust fitness classes held at the Laurelhurst Community Center, may be cancelled if more people don't sign up right away.

The reader said:

Parks and Recreation is due to cancel several adult classes that have been on going for years.  They need more students. 

It would be a blow to our neighborhood and a possible reason for Laurelhurst to loose funding for all classes at the community center. 

Please consider staying ion shape this summer by signing up for one or all of these classes.

I live in laurelhurst and was given this info Thurs. July 7th by our acrobatics teacher. those of us in the class are very sad as we have gone to this class for YEARS!

We decided that the blog would be a could source to alert our neighbors.

Let's keep our community center going.

Classes started last week and run until September 15th.

Four to six people are needed for each of these classes:

Aerobics class -  Thursdays, # 71732, 8:45am, low impact, strengthening, stretching, coordination, $30

Strength Training - Fridays, #7732, 8am, build stength, flexibility, balance and increase energy, $35

You can register by calling the Laurelhurst or Magnuson Community Centers.

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