Monday, June 27, 2011

House With Long Long Grass Scheduled To Close Soon After Sitting Several Years Empty

We've posted a few times about a house near Laurelhurst Elemetary School on 47th Avenue NE that has been in sales limbo for quite some times resulting in neglect of the yard and extremely long grass that keeps growing taller and taller.

In July 2009 we posted about the long grass at that house and coincidentally at the one right next door as well. 

A reader posted this comment "Hooray for my neighbor Tim who took it upon himself to cut the lawn of the abandoned(??)home. He spent many hours out there with his weed wacker. Thanks Tim!"

Kim Dales, our real estate contributor, told us in March of this year,that the house is a short sale and was originally listed in June  2007 for $649,950.  The price was reduced a few months later to $445,000 and an offer was accepted in September. 

Bank of America is the lien holder, and  Kim said that it has taken quite a long time for them to agree on the purchase price, therefore the home has been pending inspection for quite a number of months.

Kim has a new update and looks like an end may be in sight with the house scheduled to close mid-July. 

In the meantime, Kim has asked the listing agent to arrange for the yard to be taken care of and passed along a landscaper referral, adding "Hopefully that will do the trick."

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Josh said...

That is great! Hopefully the new owners will give the house the care it deserves. There is another house on the 4700 block of 49th Ave NE in similar disrepair, any information on this one?